Our Workshop is situated in French Alps to Flachères (38 - Isère). We are specialized in the manufacturing of Skis, Snowboards and Monoskis for more than 20 years. The workshop is a part of the inflexible last ones to make its skis in France. This label " MADE IN FRANCE " extremely means a lot to us and we are very proud of it.



Since 1995, product BLACKSMITH is imagined and made around a unique know-how. Having his own workshop in France at the foot of the Alps, BLACKSMITH produces skis, snowboards and monoskis with proven technologies. Materials are carefully selected to bring a big technicality and an optimal behavior of glide. Fort of a qualified, reactive team and an enthusiast, BLACKSMITH develops varied and innovative products for a market always more requiring. It is a mixture of tradition, new technology and of modernism which guides our conception today. We propose you the customization of skis and snowboards today. Every product will be built in the unity, for you, with all the know-how of our workshop

BLACKSMITH offers a unique collection " Made In France " skis, snowboards and monoskis. In parallel BLACKSMITH allows you to customize your skis or snowboards snowboards as you wish. So you can choose from over 90 different decorations for adorning the top of your favorite gear. The icing on the cake: you burn your board with your name! Because for many of us the season is about to begin:. Than ever my board is my blood